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Biotech News and Updates

AntriaBio (ANTB): An Opportunity

Novo Nordisk – the world ‘s largest insulin producer – and major diabetes drug manufacturers – could see BILLIONS in recurring revenue dry up as a small, California-based biotech company advances a technology that promises to change diabetes treatment.

Over $100,000,000 has been invested in developing this super-drug that threatens to make products like Sanofi’ s $6 BILLION-A-YEAR basal insulin – ‘Lantus’ – OBSOLETE.

The Company that ‘s making executives in the world’ s largest pharmaceutical firms sweat is Menlo Park, California-based ANTRIABIO, INC. (ANTB)

Here ‘s why large pharma is worried about ANTRIABIO’ s technology:


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OXiGENE (OXGN): ZYBRESTAT Plus Avastin Well Tolerated in Second Interim Toxicity Analysis of a Phase 2 Trial

OXiGENE, Inc. (Nasdaq :OXGN)  is a biopharmaceutical company whose mission is finding and developing new and improved therapeutics that can deliver significant medical benefits to patients with cancer and sight-threatening eye diseases and conditions.

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